P&L International Home Staff

The eldest members of the household are in the best hands

There’s no place like home, that’s why at P&L International Home Staff we offer you the best in-home caregivers for your elderly relatives. Our professionals will be responsible for keeping them company and providing all the care they need to improve their well-being. Relying on them, you will have all the needs of your family member covered, as they will provide fully personalized service.

  • They will ensure proper personal hygiene.
  • They will perform all household chores.
  • They will be responsible for shopping and cooking.
  • They will ensure the well-being of the cared-for person at each moment.
  • They will perform leisure and exercise activities regularly.

Your parents or grandparents will be in the best hands, thanks to our caregivers. They will make sure they are at ease, accompanied, and never get bored: they will accompany them on their daily walks, they will do exercises with them to improve their mobility, activities to increase their memory, etc.

At P&L International Home Staff, we offer our services in a personalized way, so do not hesitate to contact us and explain the circumstances of your elderly relative.

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