P&L International Home Staff


At P&L International Home Staff, we have professionals living in Italy who come from different parts of the world, in particular, Eastern Europe, Africa, Sri Lanka, and India. Thanks to this, we are contributing to the recognition of our professionals and thus making their experience and qualifications available to you.

Relying on us, we guarantee maximum satisfaction in all areas in that you request our services, and you will enjoy having availability in the schedule you decide.

All our professionals are highly trained to perform all kinds of tasks. We offer cleaning, gardening, cooking, private driving, babysitting, and elderly care services. In addition, if you have a hotel or a company, leave the selection to us, and we will choose the most suitable for your needs.

Find the schedule that best suits your needs and hire our services in the regime that best suits you. At P&L International Home Staff, we place at your disposal external personnel with absolute and immediate availability, every day of the year, 24 hours a day.

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The cleaning and maintenance of your home will be in the charge of our professionals. Your home will be impeccable, and you will not have to worry about cleaning on any occasion, as it will be the task of your cleaner


Your children will be in the best hands if you are unable to care for them as you would like. Our nannies will take care of all their needs, and you will not have to worry about their welfare, since all our professionals are fully qualified to meet the needs of children of any age.


Cooking daily will no longer be an overwhelming task for you, let our chefs take care of the daily menus. Relax and enjoy the meals of the day made with the highest quality and adapted to your tastes and demands.


Enjoy comfortable and safe travel thanks to our private drivers. They will take you to your destination, either long or short distances. All our professionals have the necessary experience for safe and efficient driving.


Having a garden needs daily maintenance and care so that it is always in the best condition throughout the year. Do not worry about it if you do not have enough time. Our gardeners will be responsible for taking care of it and performing the tasks of your outdoor facilities.


The home is the best place for the elderly, so if they require special care and attention, P&L International Home Staff has you covered. With our caregivers, your parents and grandparents will be in the best hands. You will be assured of the best care, the best company, and the most effective and excellent performance of household chores.


We know the importance of selecting the best personnel for your company or hotel. For this reason, we offer you our services and thus have the best professionals in Italy, who will perform all the tasks you requireto individuals as well as hotels, companies and offices with specific needs. We will select the right staff for your business needs, adapting to your requirements.

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